Looking at New Job Opportunities

... in communication skills or hire more women to build a good networkIt has become apparent that I need to start looking at new job placements. I am relatively happy at my job, but I have a problem of the sort that just is not going to go away. About a year or so ago I started dating a girl from the accounting department, no big deal really at that time. We would go out and have drinks, nothing ever came of it. At least nothing I need to talk about here. She was very attractive though and other men were interested. One was this guy who tried to scare me away, which I found rather laughable. He was bigger than me, but not in the way that made me tremble in fear. He was a heavyset fellow to put it kindly and seemed to be rather out of shape. Read more…

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The Various Types of Scaffolding Work

ce-schoolsScaffolding is a very broad industry; it is, in fact, a crucial part of several different types of jobs. Scaffolding is made up of wooden plants, metal tubes and joints. It allows users to be safe when working high up into the air. As mentioned before, the number of scaffolding jobs is vast; they may involve erectors, engineers and even managers. While on a scaffold, workers could be performing a number of different functions, including fixing and creating buildings. The following information will help you learn more about jobs that involve scaffolds. Read more…

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Why Education is the Great Equalizer

I’ve been a teacher for many years now and our exposure includes everything from travel to immersion in depressed communities. As educators, it is part of our jobs to give our students a clear picture of what life is like in the outside world. Let me tell you, the picture is not pretty. It takes very careful planning and presentation when dealing with topics of poverty and malnutrition in class. We teach the kids here geography and history and math and science – they know they are living in a progressive nation where all their needs are provided for. It’s difficult for them to imagine that there are areas in the world where life is otherwise.

In an effort to instill in them empathy and concern for others, I created a powerpoint presentation about the condition of children in Africa. I had prepared slides showing children caught in conflict as well as those who were suffering from malnutrition. Thousands of children there are living in poverty because there is no one to care for them. The incidence of AIDS in Africa is very high – and even young children have them because they inherited it from their parents.

The students were deeply moved and affected by what they saw. Good kids that they are they asked how they can help. I told them we could donate old books and learning materials to the kids in Africa who are being sponsored by godparents from Australia. This is a program from UNICEF which in my opinion, is way better than just simply giving them food to eat on a daily basis. Of course, they need food and water to survive, but for me, giving them an education assures them of a better future in life.

At least they will not be ignorant and poor the rest of their lives. You don’t have to be rich to sponsor a child in Australia. All you need to do is to commit to donate a certain amount each month or each year to support the education or sustenance of one child chosen by the UNICEF. It will not be a huge amount, but it’s enough to guarantee that one child will be getting a fighting chance to survive. We must all try to do what we can to help.

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WWOOF Opportunities in Education

There’ s more than one way to learn and for those who are willing to go off the beaten path, the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) presents an exciting challenge. WWOOF is a group that’s represented in over 99 countries all over the world.  The group’s main objective is to give volunteers the chance to experience life in a rural setting and become familiar with the organic means of farming.

A volunteer can connect with the group local’s representative and choose from the different places that are involved with the organic initiative. There is an existing database of farms and holdings in different countries that you can choose from. This can mean harvesting grapes in a vineyard in Clare Valley or coffee beans in a farm in South East Asia. The length of your experience is entirely up to you. Some make a commitment to working over weekends while others stretch their stay to several months or even years.

The program’s hosts give free accommodation, food and the chance to work hands-on in an agricultural setting. But volunteers have to be prepared to live with the bare essentials and prepare for farm work that include bread-making, wood cutting, weeding gardens, preparing the soil for sowing, making compost piles, milking cows, forming mud bricks and wine-making.

Now while this may sound like an exciting adventure to take on, there are important things that you should consider to make the most of your experience and to avoid disappointments.

  • Study the options that are open to you. There are different settings that you can choose from so create a good match to make the most of your experience.
  • Arrange your trip in good time. Consider the timing of your stay because there are different farm activities for each season. It will also be good to know the peak season for tourists in the country or place that you are going to so you can book your trip well.
  • Get in touch with your host. Make sure that you have connected with your host before you take the trip. Ask about the house rules, the activities involved and the work schedule to ensure that it fits in with your preference and personality. If there’s any reason why you can’t go, inform your host in advance so they can take in other volunteers if they have to.

Since the organization works with a wide network that includes owners of private gardens, small farming plots, commercial farms, and homesteads, it provides a variety of settings that will fit every interest and learning need. In this time when the need to learn sustainable means of living is becoming extremely important, volunteering for the WWOOF presents a remarkable opportunity. It’s a novel way of meeting new people and going to different places.

Now that is as far removed from studying at the brick and mortar setting of a traditional university. If you are open to new ways of learning and discovering the different ways of sustainable living, then WWOOFing is the perfect answer for you.



About WWOOF – http://www.wwoof.net

WWOOFing in the USA – http://www.wwoofusa.org

Surviving Abroad – http://www.thebestbugoutbaglist.com

10 Tips to Help Choose Your WWOOF Gig

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How to Afford the Best Education for One’s Children Through Binary Options Trading

The education one gets in the years before college is something people should never take for granted. Unless one gets the best education during these years, one will not be able to develop crucial life skills and have a poorer chance of getting in a great college. Unfortunately, though, most people are not able to gain access to high-quality education because they’re finances are lacking. Gaining access to high-quality education isn’t just a matter of studying at a great school; it’s also a matter of gaining access to learning resources outside the school system. Getting a tutor, joining educational camps, etc., often prove to be costly, and when they’re put on top of the costs of schooling, one realizes that getting high-quality education often proves to be too much for people to handle.

Should one not have the resources to provide the best education to their children, one shouldn’t feel hopeless. The truth is that in today’s world, there are many ways parents can raise enough money for the education of their children. In the case of my students’ parents, they do binary options trading. This is actually what I’m going to focus on in this post. By doing binary options trading, any parent will be able to meet the educational needs of their children.

How does one execute a binary option trade and profit from it? To deal with binary options, one has to first choose a brokerage to work with. There are many brokerages out there, but most of the parents I have met tell me they have an do it at Banc de Binary. When I asked them why this was the case, they told me that Banc de Binary, aside from being legitimate, offered services that greatly helped them make the most of binary options trading. These services include binary options trading signals, an amazing trading platform, and a 24/7 hotline that they can always call to get help from expert brokers.

According to the parents I talked to, they could make thousands of dollars’ worth of extra money just by doing binary options trading. The best part is that one actually just has to do it for an hour or two a day in order to make such a profit. Considering this, it’s really easy to see why so many parents are able to provide the best education to their children through it. Good education definitely isn’t just for the rich anymore, and it’s all thanks to binary options trading and the many other ways people can now easily raise money on the side.

Tomorrow, I am going to talk about the best schools for your children. You may not realize it, but certain schools are actually providing better education in some areas than others. It’s just like with colleges; high schools also have their specialties. Depending on the academic interests of your child, you would do well to consider putting them in a school that suits their abilities and interests. You definitely don’t want to miss what I have to say about the best schools in the country; do make it a point to visit my site again tomorrow.

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College Savings Investment Strategies

The cost of college education continues to rise and it is a sad fact that many of today’s children will not be able to afford to attend college. If college is going to be attainable we need to start saving as soon as possible. With proper planning, and a long-term savings goal, it is possible to save enough money to cover most, if not all, of the costs of college. The following article will help you prepare your savings plan so that you (or your children) will be able to attend college after high school graduation.

Consider how much you (or your child) will need
The first step to creating any savings plan is to work out how much you’re going to need. This can be difficult because the cost of college continues to rise, but there are some great estimators online to get you started. Try and plan for every aspect of the costs including the cost of the courses, textbooks, accommodation and meals, and anything else you can think of. Once you have a basic goal then you can create a savings plan to meet it.

Start saving right away
Once you have your plan it is important to start saving as soon as possible. Even modest savings will add up over the long term. Investing just $100 a month over 18 years will cover many of the costs of college. By tightening your budget that little bit extra you can save an additional amount for the college fund.

Education Savings Accounts
There are many providers who offer education savings accounts which are specifically designed to allow parents to save for their children’s education. There are also many government programs with similar savings goals in mind. It is important to be aware of these programs because some of them offer large financial incentives and even tax breaks for those that apply.

High Interest Options
High interest accounts are some of the most popular types of college funds. This is mostly due to the fact that savings accounts are considered to be one of the safest investments. As with any investment strategy the reward for this type of saving is quite low, but this is offset by the extremely low level of risk involved.

Share Market Investments
A higher level of risk is investing in the share market. Most financial advisers advocate this type of investment for a college fund with a diversified portfolio being the number one option. If you are going to invest in this manner then make sure you research as many investment strategies, such as this one, as possible before deciding on the final outcome.

Prepay for College
Another great option is to pre-pay for your (or your child’s) college education. By doing this you can lock in the price of college education at today’s rates and this will work out much cheaper in the long run. The disadvantages of this is that you need to have enough for an upfront payment right away and many people simply cannot afford this. You also need to be careful and ensure that your money is refundable if your child does not end up attending college.

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Become a Plastic Surgeon. It’s a Lucrative and Rewarding Career

If you’re considering a career in medicine you have a range of different options, many in fact. A career in medicine is both lucrative and rewarding, and one which gives you a lifetime opportunity to serve.


One of the most interesting paths you can take in a medical career is to become a surgeon. Surgery is a highly skilled and delicate process, and surgeons are some of the most well trained and skilled of the medical profession.


One particularly rewarding surgery specialisation is plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons are involved in a wide range of different surgical procedures, often at short notice because patients have received injuries which require restorative plastic surgery to restore their looks.


The training and qualifications required to become a plastic surgeon are extensive, and it will take many years for a student to become fully qualified and able to undertake plastic surgery as a fully qualified surgeon.


And of course learning plastic surgery really takes a lifetime, and after qualification surgeons continue their education in many ways. One of these is online, and one of the best resources for continuing education as a plastic surgeon is the Plastic Surgery Education Network found at http://www.plasticsurgery.org/for-medical-professionals/resources-and-education/psen-online-learning.html


This network is a useful resource for medical students aspiring to become plastic surgeons as well as qualified surgeons looking to further their education in the field.


Of course plastic surgeons also specialise in different aspects of plastic surgery. Laser skin therapy is a more recent branch of plastic surgery, and one which is now growing in importance. Progress in techniques for laser skin surgery have recently been advanced by one particular plastic surgeon. Visalia is where one high profile US plastic surgeon specialising in laser skin surgery works, he can be found at http://www.drstevens.com/about.html


Cosmetic plastic surgery is another field of plastic surgery that is equally lucrative and rewarding. Cosmetic plastic surgeons are often involved in operations to enhance the looks of patients.


The work done by a cosmetic plastic surgeon may include such operations as facelifts or more specific facial procedures such as brow and forehead lifts, eyelid surgery, chemical peels and facial fat grafting. Many cosmetic surgeons also perform breast operations such as breast augmentations, breast reductions or breast reconstruction after surgery for cancer.


Often patients in need of some form of cosmetic surgery can be disfigured, and it is extremely rewarding work where a skilled cosmetic surgeon is able to restore their looks and restore their confidence in themselves. Cosmetic plastic surgeons can also be involved in various forms of trauma reconstruction which is also highly rewarding work.


Of course there are always leaders in the field, and this is also true of cosmetic plastic surgery. Talented surgeons are performing wonderful work and pioneering new procedures almost every day. That is the job of a plastic surgeon. Fort Lauderdale is the home of one such innovative plastic surgeon, who can be found at



There are of course many other talented, experienced and innovative professionals who are also pioneering groundbreaking new techniques in cosmetic plastic surgery.


So if you’re considering your options in medicine then one such option you ought to consider is to become a surgeon. Most surgeon specialise, and if you’re looking for a branch of surgery that is rewarding, lucrative and pioneering you could do much worse than to become a plastic surgeon.



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Job Options Post High School

When someone graduates from high school, they may be wondering what they want to try for their first job. Since there are plenty of jobs that they should consider doing to gain knowledge and experience, they should consider the various choices that are open to them. Graduation is an exciting time for most 18 year olds and the world is quite literally their oyster. Job opportunities, while not high paying, are plentiful for this age group. While most graduates will consider college, not all high school graduates will and will instead choose to enter the workforce. Here, we will explore some of those options:

A Warehouse Worker Is A Great First Job

Being a warehouse worker right after high school will teach discipline that can’t be rivaled and a knowledge base from the industry that they work in. The worker can use this experience for their resume, or they can continue on in their position and become a manager. Warehouse jobs can also be had for those who decide to get a forklift license and forklift operators actually make good money. There are some training requirements in the form of OSHA forklift driver training courses, however, they are something that every high school graduate would be able to handle.

Nursing Homes Offer Good Job Opportunities

In nursing homes, there are a variety of positions to choose from. A person can work as a nurse’s aide, dietary assistant or a janitor. These jobs provide a decent paycheck and they also can be put on a person’s resume for later use when they are seeking other employment. It is important to receive some training, and also to be a compassionate person to work in a nursing home. One downside of working in a nursing home is that there are attorneys out there who are looking to sue you if you make any mistakes.

Retail Industry

Someone that has just graduated from high school will find that the retail field will have plenty of opportunities for them to choose from. They will be able to learn how to deal with customers, sell products and use a cash register. These are all skills that will benefit them in the future.

The Restaurant Business 

Being a server, a bus person or a cook can give a high school graduate a lot of good experience with their first job. They can use this experience to go further in the field or proceed into something else that they are interested in.

Being A Driver For The Elderly 

There are many elderly people that need someone to go to the store for them. They will pay the person to drive to the grocery store and do their shopping. This is a great way for a high school graduate to gain experience. They will also feel a lot of pride in themselves for helping someone else.

Since a high school graduate has many opportunities, they should take advantage of the ones that they can. They should gain the experience that they need to, make sure that they work very hard and then move on to something that they feel that they are better suited for. dog

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Honing One’s Financial and Trading Skills Through Binary Options Trading

The state of education in our country is already very good, however, it is definitely still wanting. Although we are able to focus on raising bright kids to be future leaders, we are not exerting enough efforts to actually make sure that even those who aren’t considered “bright” are able to meet their full potential. This is really a shame because in most cases, students who aren’t considered bright actually have the potential to be future leaders or skilled professionals too. Because they aren’t able to get enough attention, they tend to not be able to develop the necessary life skills for when they become adults.

Many average students grow up to have deficiencies in terms of livelihood skills, and this leads to them not being able to find rewarding, high-paying jobs. The good news is that these people can actually still be taught all sorts of skills later on in life. I believe that it is never too late for anyone to actually hone their abilities in any field, and my belief is supported by empirical research.

In this post I am going to recommend one field people should develop skills for: trading. Trading as a career is very accessible even to those who didn’t do well in school. So long as they develop the necessary skills for it, they will be able to do it and make huge profits by doing it.

For those who are new to trading, I definitely recommend trying out binary options trading first. There are many reasons for this, one of them being the fact that binary options trading enables even the most  financially illiterate of people to learn about trading, finance, and economics in a very safe yet profitable way. Most binary options brokerages now offer clients a demo account service. Through this service, clients can make real trades without having to fear losing their investment.

One of the brokerages that offer an amazing demo service to their clients happens to be Banc de Binary. By creating a Banc de Binary account, any person can easily learn the ins and outs of binary options trading. What’s great is that after they feel that they are already capable of making amazing trades, they can immediately sign up for a personal broker account on Banc de Binary. The personal broker account lets them connect with an expert Banc de Binary broker anytime they want to. Through the help of a broker, anyone can gain advanced knowledge in finance and trade and apply them to real life settings easily.

Through binary options trading, so many people who didn’t do well in school have found rewarding careers. In fact, binary options trading is so profitable that even those who have high-paying careers end up quitting their job and just focus on dealing with binary options. Whatever the case may be, everyone really needs to look into doing binary options trading online. So long as one works with a legitimate brokerage that actually cares for its clients, anyone can learn everything they need about finance and trade and hone their skills for it.

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Journey Towards Becoming A Dermatologist

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics recently announced that from 2010 to 2020, there’s a 24% job growth for physicians and this include dermatologists. Now that’s one ray of positivity there and this is one of the major reasons why more and more students consider becoming a skin expert. But just before you make your final decision; it’s essential to now bits of facts about dermatology’s everyday life at work as well as bits of information about the educational endeavor every dermatologist needs to overcome.


Dermatology’s day can get very busy especially when you have already established your name. Depending on the area where you work, gaining more patients can be speedy or slow, but once you’ve started, it won’t take long before you end up having a crowded clinic and being very busy catering all patients. You will need to hire a secretary and sometimes pair up with fellow dermatologists in case a procedure is too big to be dealt with only one. Generally speaking, a skin doctor’s daily life at work can be very stressful yet gratifying.


According to the latest statistics and surveys, dermatology is one of the most highly competitive fields of medicine. Because of this, requirements to become a certified and licensed derma can also get tougher and tougher. First off, you will need to acquire an undergraduate degree which needs to be at least 4 years. It can be any kind of pre-medical course like organic chemistry, biology chemistry and physics. You may also consider biochemistry and math. Afterwards, you will need to attend another 4-year course, this time from an accredited medical school. A high GPA is often required as well as a likable score in the medical college admission test or MCAT to be accepted in medical school. Licensing will follow afterwards but in some cases, further tests are needed. This mainly depends on your school and your grades.

Training and building experience

Of course, like any medical-related course, you will have to undergo trainings to build experience. At this time, you have the freedom to choose if you want to go for one-year fellowship training or two-year training. You may also choose an area of specialization which ranges from phototherapy, laser medicine, cosmetic surgery, dermapathology and more. Some schools will only provide license once you’ve already finished such trainings. Furthermore, there are many kind of license you can acquire – some are mandatory and some are not. But as what expert dermatologist Lawrence Jaeger set as an example, these licenses can e featured in LinkedIn or other social networking account that will help you gain more patients in the future.


While most people think that medical professionals have the best salaries, this is not always the case. If you’re not able to build a reputation in your field then you’ll have difficulty in earning big. Most dermatologists earn around $100,000 as a start and the increase depends on the patients you have. It’s wise to develop an effective technique to keep your patients coming for this will dramatically increase your salary.

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Why Outdoor Education Matters in High School

High School education is focused on getting children ready for study in higher education and/or preparing them for the real world. As educators we do a really good job of this in an academic sense, but real world skills are still not being taught often enough in schools in this country. This is why I have developed an outdoor education program. This program fosters leadership skills, team work and encourages children to get in touch with nature. It has been an outstanding success and we have found that those enrolled in the program have been performing better academically as well.

The program
My outdoor education program focuses on a 50/50 split with classroom theory work and practical outdoor education. We teach a number of skills and also put them into practice. The children enrolled in the program are involved with activities such as camping, kayaking and canoeing, survival skills, hiking, rock climbing, adventure sports, team building programs and much more. This program was developed and refined over 6 years and part of this work has been adopted in the state curriculum. I had to work hard to convince the school board to provide funding for the program, but their faith has paid off in a big way. It is freely available for other schools to use and had been adopted in part by 67 other schools across the country.

Risk and reward
We run a camping and outdoor program that features teaching teenagers all about the outdoors, including the use of pocket knives. We find that this is the part of the program that the children enjoy the best. Many parents are cautious about giving permission for their children to use knives. There are so many horror stories surrounding children and stabbings, but the truth is that most teenagers take the responsibility of using a pocket knife seriously and we only allow the knife to be used in certain situations and under careful supervision. Some parents are also concerned about the cost of a pocket knife for the program. In addition to this, many parents don’t know anything about choosing the best pocket knife for their child, but we point them to comparison websites such as bestpocketknifeadvice.com to answer their questions and help them choose a knife within their budget. Children are taught how to use a knife, how to sharpen the blade and care for the knife along with various safety information. We have had so much success with this program that it is being extended to other schools in the region.

Children teaching the teachers
I have learned so much from running this program and the most interesting part of the experience has been the amount of things that the children have taught me while I have been working with them. Their enthusiasm for the program has kept me going through the hard times and I have enjoyed working with each one of them. I am proud to say that we have taught essential skills through this program that will encourage these children as they grow into adults. They might not remember much of their high schooling years, but I think that these experiences and skills will stay with them for a lifetime.

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Finding the Funds for a Private Education

Few parents would disagree that providing their children with an optimum education during every stage of development is a high priority. It’s crucial to establish a foundation for intellectual achievement as early as possible. For many parents, this means finding a proper private primary school.

The catch is: How do you find the money for such things? Saving for your children’s college education is strenuous enough, and finding the funds for primary school may seem prohibitive to many middle income families.

Here are three ways you can use creative financing to fund a top-notch foundational education:


Most are aware of scholarship possibilities at the university level, but few consider the idea for primary school. While there tend to be fewer funds available at this level, opportunities do exist. Contact local governmental entities and ask about any available funding. Also consider private sources, companies with educational programming, and even your local chamber of commerce, which may have useful leads.


Often your child’s grandparents are more than happy to help with education costs, but just as often they don’t have readily available funds. If they have a home with equity, they might consider a “lifetime” or “reverse” mortgage. With this type of financial product, your grandparents can stay in their home, make no out of pocket payments and still obtain considerable cash. Because of the unique structure of this type of mortgage, no income or credit check is required. Many grandparents rely on inheritance vehicles to transfer wealth to their progeny. By using an alternative mortgage to help with education costs now, they can witness the lasting benefits of their hard work while they’re still alive.


It’s not uncommon to find oneself the plaintiff in a lawsuit. The compensation in successful suits is often paid out as a “structured settlement,” as an annuity of many small payments made over a long period of time. Depending on the size of the overall award, these payments may be frustratingly meager, too small to cover the educational needs of multiple offspring.

There is a solution; you can sell your long-term annuity in return for a lump sum cash payout. You can put that money in the bank and use it, wisely, to subsidize your family’s educational endeavors. If you’re asking, is it a good idea to sell my structured settlement, you can learn more by reading this guide.


Another option is to cut expenses so you’re able to cover tuition with your current income. For example, if you need a new car buy a used one that will be considerable less pricey than a brand new model. Plant a vegetable garden which will help you cut down on food costs. And, eating the food you grow yourself will encourage you to eat in more often and spend less in restaurants. You could also take up free hobbies like tennis or jogging instead of spending money on golf green fees of gym memberships.

These are only a few creative ways to help pay for a quality primary education. Due to the sound foundational education you had, I’m sure you can think of more.

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