Sims Freeplay Mission Guide

Hello mobile players, another week we continued with the development of the guide of The Sims Free Play. This time we play the Mission Breathe Love and as I know that you are anxious to have something more vidilla in this game, I inform you in case you have not realized already, that this mission is a time trial. You will have 2 days to do it, or what is the same, 48h and if you get it you will unlock the ability to marry, an indispensable requirement in the game to form a family and you will get a wedding set with suits for the bride and groom.

To carry out this mission, we will have to comply with 24 submissions, there are many, I know, but I’ll give you some time to spare since many of them are short.

How to fulfill the mission of the Breath of Love Mission

  1. Lather in the shower.
  2. Bring together two Sims in a house.
  3. Have a sim flirt with another one.
  4. Making coffee alone.
  5. Start a romance. Be romantic with another sim until you start a relationship.
  6. Have two Sims watch a movie together. You put a sim to watch a movie and another sim on the TV and give you the option to join.
  7. Have two sims start dating. Be romantic with another sim until the relationship bar fills up and start dating.
  8. Have one sim kiss another on the cheek.
  9. Send home a sim.
  10. Take a nap.
  11. Expand a room (also worth doing a new one).
  12. Grow onions.
  13. Have two sims in the same house.
  14. Be romantic with another yes.
  15. Wash hands thoroughly.
  16. Have two Sims eat together. Press on a plate of food and give the option to call the table.
  17. Become a partner. Be romantic with another sim until you start a relationship.
    To make a whipped cream. After this option, we will get the ring of eternity.
  18. Buy the roses.
  19. Engage. It will give you the option to select the ring obtained previously.
  20. Call the phone to announce commitment.
  21. Have two committed sims go live together. Be romantic with another sim until clicking on any of them, the option “ask to move” appears.
  22. Gather 3 sims in the same house.
  23. Get marry. Be romantic until you raise the 100% commitment bar. Indispensable that the action takes place in the house where the sims live together.

Necessary objects for the Mission Breathe Love

  • Buy two roses, no matter that they are one that come in a vase or the others that come as loose, the case is to buy two (I took one of each)
  • Buy a bed (indispensable that is of three stars)
  • Phone
  • Coffee maker
  • Handwash

The rest of the necessary objects have already been bought in previous missions.

At the end of the Mission Respira Amor, the following will be unlocked, which will be “Two and a Half Sims” where we can create a family and our sims will be finally parents.

As an important fact, I will add that according to your actions carried out to reach this mission may some of the missions indicated change or add some new ones. For example, if you have not previously built the park, in this mission you will be asked to do so and also will add a series of additional missions, so I repeat that certain missions can be seen varied. This are the best ways to quickly increase and gain experience to your sims so they can quickly level up along with it some gains in simoleons and LP which are very useful in the game. But if you need some extreme tricks like sudden increase in your simoleons and Life points but doing very short tasks which can be completed in less than five minutes, just visit