Have you seen Mario Creator Miyamoto Play the Super Mario Song Live?

It’s only a few days more away before the release of the new Nintendo Game Super Mario Run! Well, its not really a new game because obviously, we all have played Super Mario in our younger years and this time, the developers and creators of the game attempts to relive and bring it back to life. Now it should be noted that this are the very same developers who released Pokemon Go that capture the whole world by surprise. Many got hocked to the game unfortunately something not good came and everyone else lost interest in the game.


Before the year ends, Nintendo will attempt to do the same thing again. But the big question is, will it work and have the same massive sales world wide? That is exactly why there is massive promotions all around.  You can even see Shigeru Miyamoto play the classic Mario song together with the roots.

Although some speculation had indicated that it could be a reference to a cross game between Mario and Dynasty Warriors or another type of crossing of similar sagas, everything was simpler.

The kanji that appears on the shirt next to Mario Samurai is “乱”, which means “chaos” and reads “ran”, so when pointed out by a Twitter user it was believed to be simply a joke about Super Mario Run. However, Bill Trinen has indicated that it is only “the first layer” of the message (and the joke).

The second layer was a nod to filmgoers: “Ran” is also the title of Akira Kurosawa’s movie premiered in 1985. Miyamoto is an admirer of the director and that’s the reason why Mario appears dressed as a samurai. Bill Trinen has indicated that “Miyamoto is very proud of his puns”.

During its first announcement on an apple show, they said that the game will first be released on the iOS or iphone platform stating that it is one of the more stable platforms. Will it be released simultaneously with the Android operationg system? So far no news has yet been released but they did mention that the game will expand to the android market very soon.

Then again, we hope that they won’t make the same mistake like what happened with Pokemon Go. After all, the android market is also one of the biggest and fastest growing users. Leaving that market behind would mean leaving money on the table for other marketers to snatch.