WarFriends – Our take on the game

I know I have already mentions mostly soft games like super mario and freeplay and ofcourse my favorite simulation game on softball fifa and pes, maybe its time to look at war games for a manly change. Chillingo EA, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, a leading company in the creation of mobile games like Monster Truck Destruction, Tiny Troopers 2 Special Ops, Fightback, Anomaly Warzone Earth, Tiny Troopers Alliance, Headshot Heroes and many other titles that were awarded in their Respective releases.

We bring WarFriends, thanks to the guys from About Fun, a multiplayer shooter, tactical where we face face to face with players from around the world, thus proving our abilities to send our squad to a real-time death battle.

Join DeathMatch against time

This title is highly competitive, and is one of the most characteristic games for multiplayer combat where the goal we have is to eliminate the largest number of military units and bring GAMEOVER to the main soldier who is the only one that the player can Control and protect through shields that are strategically placed on the battlefield.

To reach our goal and survive each match we will have multiple military units and heavy artillery that will be unlocked according to our progress in the game and the money we collect in each battle.

Also to increase the effectiveness of our troops we will have the belicartas, we get them for every victory we have but if in a game we lose, our opponent will take them away.

Troopers return more violent than ever

Chillingo EA has us accustomed to launch titles with enough personality, for example in 2013 introduces the mobile action game in third person Tiny Troopers, here we know troopers who are infantry soldiers who are willing to follow the most crazy order, too We can see them in other titles like Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops, Tiny Troopers Alliance and now of the hand of About Fun in WarFriends for the platform of Android.

Apparently the troopers will continue to accompany us for a long time and now improved both their skills and graphics.


In this section I can not complain, although it is a game is still in the test phase performs very well, is fluid and interactive, multiplayer performance is the most important when we have both fighting squads on the screen. The only point against this title is connectivity, there were times where I had to wait a little less than 10 minutes to enter an online game, I know that 10 minutes is little but it is a very addictive game, you gamers understand me 10 minutes Or less is an eternity.


Although this section is not the strong point, the textures are correct, the caricature aspect that our characters have make it pleasing to the eye and at times you forget that this is a war game, I did not find bugs at the moment of The multiplayer games and it is necessary to emphasize the presentation of the game even has compatibility with the sensor of movement of our equipment, of the best works that have released the boys of Fun to date.


It is very engaging, the right one for a game that is highly competitive, although it is very repetitive. The sound effects you have are right for each action and we immerse much during battles in online mode.

So What’s our Final Take?
WarFriend is undoubtedly the best work done by the guys of About Fun, it is the titles that catch you quickly by the varied options of the multiplayer and different ways to customize our soldier, the graphics very good, are fluid and the maneuverability is Very simple to understand. Highly recommended and the best is that it is still in the test phase, imagine the improvements that will have when the updates arrive and the game is officially released on Android.